W.E.L.L. Wednesday 11/15

Last week, the Women’s Education and Leadership League had a fantastic turnout as we held our very first “W.E.L.L. Wednesday” event at Skewers Kabob House in Modesto. The event kicked off at 5pm with an hour and a half of mixing and mingling over cocktails. Next, guests had the opportunity to meet and hear from some of W.E.L.L.’s creators and board members as they shared the “why” behind W.E.L.L. and what we have planned for this community. Guests also learned how they could become leaders in their community by getting involved with this organization.



Throughout the evening, guests were encouraged to write on our chalkboard and share what they could do if provided with the resources to achieve their dreams. There were also two posters set up on either side of the event space, one asking “In your lifetime, what did you need help overcoming?” and the other asking “What is your strength?” The first poster board was filled with an array of moving, anonymous responses, some of which included “fear”, “insecurity”, and “self-doubt”. For the second board, guests were encouraged to complete the sentence “I know a lot about…” and to sign their names next to their responses. The goal of this was to demonstrate how each individual in attendance is a valuable resource to this community. Seeing all of our guests engaged and eager to learn more moved us and inspired us in ways that words could never express.

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If you missed this event or if you are already looking to make plans to attend the next one, never fear! We are pleased to announce that on the first Wednesday of each month we will be holding a W.E.L.L. Wednesday event. Be sure to like us on Facebook for more details about December’s W.E.L.L. Wednesday! A huge thank you to everyone who attended, as we would be nothing without your passion and support. We look forward to seeing you all next month!

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