Board Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we have finalized our Board of Directors.  This particular group of individuals cares so deeply about helping and empowering women everywhere, and looks forward to working together to connect women with the resources they need in order to thrive.

Co-President: Lisa Mazza

Co-President: Alana Scott

Co-Vice President: Pam Heaney

Co-Vice President: Susan Romero

Treasurer: Bonnie Crabtree

Secretary: Eddie Martin

Historian: Stephanie Martin

General Board Member: Evelyn Rojas

General Board Member: Susan Stark

General Board Member: Matthew Lattig

General Board Member: Michael Faircloth II

Follow along each month as we will be featuring a “Board Member of the Month” on our website and social media pages.  This will give you the chance to learn more about who we are and why we are so passionate about W.E.L.L.’s mission.

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